The EPL Revelation of the Decade


The game continued with fans of both teams all on their feet with mixed feelings and on the sideline, the fourth official raised the board to announce four additional minutes even as the game continued.

On the 92nd minutes of the game, the game took a turn when Edin Dzeko headed home corner kick to open the game. The goal enjoyed a very short celebration as the city players ran to pick the ball and immediately retreated to the centre field for the restart.

News about the equalizer got to Old Trafford as United Supporters imagined the worst. The team had completed their task defeating opponent convincingly while waiting for the outcome of city game. The game restarted with QPR passing the ball and playing a long ball into the city goal. Goalkeeper took the ball and quickly launched an attack playing a long ball to the city players. The players went all out for the final push even as time ticked, the ball was played into QPR goal and on the 94th minute, the end of regulation time, history was made by a player who has gone on to become a legend at City, a fans favourite and an all-time goal scorer at city, the man is no other than the diminutive Argentine player, Sergio Kun Aguero. The man picked a loose ball in the QPR goal and beat a marker, before releasing a right-footed effort past the goalkeeper with the last kick of the game. The goal was disruptive in many ways as the stadium witnessed the kind of feeling never seen before. On that day May 13th 2012 history was made with Mancini led Manchester City lifting the English Premier League for the first time in the Club’s history.

Having won the league, man city continued with their quest to maintain dominance over the other English teams and they did exactly that but it wasn’t as rosy as you would want it to be. After lifting the trophy, Mancini found it difficult to exert himself a force to reckon with despite the Etihad outfit investing a lot of money in the club. The following season after the EPL triumph was a shadow of the prior season. Man city found it difficult to win matches played away from home even games played against less fancy opponents were hard-fought. The team drew many away matches, lost some and won a few. Despite the poor running, the team was still up there in the second position with United and Chelsea making the top three positions.

The poor outing forced the hands of the management board to shop for a replacement and the Chilean Manuel Pellegrini was drafted to continue building the popular project at the Etihad stadium. But the question on the lips of everyone was – was Pelegrini a better option to Roberto Manchini? Given the fact that the latter has a better CV than the former, fans were sceptical about the incoming Mancini who has not won a major trophy as a coach in recent years.

The fans wanted a coach with pedigree, a well-decorated coach who would strike fear to the heart of the opposition team. This made the appointment of Manuel a debatable topic during the period. On the second thought, let’s take a look of Manuel Pellegrini, who is the Chilean? Was he worth the decision made by the board to spare head the building project at Etihad? Well, time shall tell but a peek into the manager’s recent career achievement albeit modest, suggest he should be given the chance to head the English outfit.

Mancini coached Vila Real in Spain for a few years brandishing one of the best patterns of play in Spanish football and the world at large only second that Pep’s Barcelona that played the tiki-taka kind of play. The man made Vila real, a club with a low budget compared to Real Madrid and Barcelona become a force at the Spanish league. He caught the eyes of Madrid that have suffered for long in Europe. Madrid had been evicted from the round of 16 in the last six years of Champions league and they thought of rebuilding their team. The club had an election and former President Florentino Perez emerged winner after popularly promising to sign the best players for the Spanish capital-based outfit. The man who would go down history as the best president in the history of club football did exactly what he had promised. After resuming duty as the club president, the man made a world-record signing of Kaka, Brazilian player who has become an icon in Italy playing for AC Milan. The signing turned heads as all focus turned to real Madrid that has played second fiddle to the resurgent Guardiola’s led Barcelona. The world-record signing of kaka was short-lived as Madrid broke their record with the marquee capture of Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United.

After Signing of CR7, Madrid needed a replacement of the ageing club legend, Raul and the board drafted Benzema to complete a new galactico. Guess who was the coach saddled with the responsibility to take charge of the new Madrid team? Yes, you guessed right, Manuel Pelegrini was the man given the onus to lead the Madrid as they seek to build a brand the world has never seen before. At least his inclusion in the new galactic was a testament of the fact that the man was good. This was one of the signs that made man city fans thought the man deserved to be given a chance.

The second pointer that suggests the man was a high profile coach was run in the champions league with a less fancied team Malaga. Pelegrini was sacked at the end of his first season despite losing the league title with just two points. Pelegrini admitted the man had a good pattern of play but he wanted a coach with impetus, a coach that would make his opponents fear so he saw an opportunity to sign Mourinho who had just lifted the champions league title with Inter Milan and Pelegrini was asked to go.

The man soon reinvented himself at Malaga where he took the low budget team to top four in his first season and the second season, Malaga played beautifully in the champions league, winning their group stage matches to advance to the round of 16. The team surprised doubters for the second time when they progressed to the quarter-final of the competition. It was the first time in the club history to advanced to that stage.


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