The Untold Story about Man City

Manc city

The defeat was followed by two draws and the seven-point cushion that once separated them from second-placed city vanished heading into the final game of the season.

It was the final game of the season meaning all games were played simultaneously, a win by Manchester city would see them lift the trophy regardless of the outcome of the United’s game. On the other hand, a win for United while their rival loses or draws would see them clinch the trophy.

The game began with fans of both teams trading banters on social media with the United fans saying Sir Alex Ferguson led United would win the EPL, calling their rivals the noisy neighbours. City fans also exchanged banters with their rivals saying history would be made on the day. They advised the united fans to look ahead to next season suggesting Queens Park Rangers are no match for City and that city already has the trophy in their cabinet. If excitement on social media was electric, it doesn’t even begin to compare to what the world was about to witness.

Manchester United was playing at home, Old Trafford against an unfancied opponent and as expected, they soon scored goals dispatching their opponents with the minds of both the players and fans fixed at the ongoing at the other side of Manchester.

City was playing against QPR away from home and many imagined anything could happen and indeed anything happened. QPR looked set to disrupt a history in the making when they took lead against the more fancied opponent, Man City in the first half. They were in a battle to avoid regulation and they came into the match throwing everything they had at their opponent. As expected, Man City took the lead through their defender Zabaleta and Man United got the news thinking all is over for them. But QPR was fighting to avoid relegation and they did just that as they continued to push their opponent to the wall in a bid to get an equalizer but the first half soon ended City taking the lead with a lone goal. The second half started like the first with man city taking the game to their opponent but QPR pushed back and sooner than later, the unimaginable happened when QPR got an equalizer through Dbril Cisse, the blond-headed former French International. The equalizer threw city to panic mood and they doubled their effort searching to restore lead as time continued to tick.

City fans heaved a sigh relieve when a queens park rangers player, the controversial Joe Barton was giving his marching order for an infringement on City player. Fans of QPR feared the red card might cost them the game and eventually lead them to the dreaded relegation and the other hand, man city supporters watched on with more positive energy thinking the one man deficit of their opponent would play to their advantage, thinking they would eventually carry the day.

The game progressed with QPR being particularly courteous to avoid mistakes because would suffice for the team to avoid relegation while man city was more adventurous seeking to restore the lead and they pushed without caution given their one man advantage.

City abandoned their game plan and went all out in search of victory and the unthinkable happened in the 66 minutes when M. Jackie took the game beyond city’s reach when he converted an opportunity to beat the Man City short stopper, Joe Hart. The goal threw the crowd in the stadium into a cocktail of emotions as the home supporters almost brought down the stadium with a shout of jubilation. No one saw it coming, I mean the team was a man down against a title pursuing team. Man City supporters threw in the towel saying all is but over. On the other side of the city, United got wind of the happening and Old Trafford was thrown into mild jubilation with fans being particularly careful to ensure the players on the field maintain focus with the game at hand.

As it stands on the 67th minutes and for the majority of the second half, Manchester United was leading on the table and was on course to lift the trophy at the end of regulation time.

One Particular Man city fan took to social media to tweet that all hope is lost saying all effort invested by the city so far in the 2011/2012 season is all but gone. He encouraged city to learn from their mistakes and look forward to next season. Another fan used his facebook page to share his thought saying can someone please wake me up from my dream? I can’t believe this happening, On the other hand, United and QPR fans were in a mood of excitement with the former thinking the league is theirs while the later thought they had definitely avoided relegation to the second tier.

The game continued into the 70th minutes with man city launching a barrage of attacks on the QPR goal as they seek for an equaliser and an eventual winner but their opponent with support from fans at home proved to be equal to all city were throwing at them. City, too were made to suffer some scare intermittently as QPR launched a few attacks in between defence. The game approached the 80th minutes with the scoreline still the same. Emotions for all parties in concern grew as the game approached the end of regulation time. The game soon approached the 90th minute with the scoreline still 2 – 1 in favour of the home team, QPR. Man City was about to lose the title to their neighbour.

I remember one United fan tweeting in jubilation saying it is all over their noisy neighbours. The fans continued tweeting saying money is not everything saying money can buy you good players but cannot buy experience. The fan further credited Alex Ferguson for the resounding seemingly victory even though the game was still on. Alex is no doubt one of the best coaches in the history of club football, a fact which even most opposition teams agree on.


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