The Chronicles of Manchester City

Manchester City

In recent years, Manchester City has been regarded as one of the best teams in European football and the world at large and thanks to their coach Pep Guardiola who was appointed the trainer of the football team a few years ago after the former coach Emmanuel Pelegrini, A Chilean was sacked.

Pellegrini should also be commended for the success Manchester City currently enjoys after rebranding the kind of football played at the Etihad stadium. The Manchester City project started almost a decade ago when a Dubai based billionaire acquired the football team and pumped in money into the team, buying some of the high profile players as at then.

Some of the earlier marquee signings the club made include the likes of Robinho from Brazil was the rave of the moment then. The player made the shocking switch from Real Madrid after engaging in a contract dispute with the Spanish giant. Man City made him an offer that was too good to turn down and the Brazilian made the shocking switch to the English premier league, although many have fingered the shocking transfer as the beginning of the players end. Robinho initially shone at the club but the physical demand that came with playing in England soon began to take it toll at the Brazillian and sooner than later, his performances wane and he became surplus to requirement at the club even as they continued building the Man City project with the influx of star players.

The Marquee signing soon sought to reinvent himself by making a move to Italy where he plied his trade with the Rossoneri. His impact in Italy was far from the Robinho the world saw while in Brazil playing for San tos and Spain playing with Real Madrid.

Another signing Manchester made was the controversial Emmanuel Adebayor, a Nigerian born Togolese player who made name while playing for Arsenal in England. The Togolese player had for Arsenal for about three years but soon fell out with the head coach of Arenal, Arsene Wenger making him seek a new challenge elsewhere.

Adebayor moved to Man City and immediately became a star player at the club joining the building of the project at the Etihad stadium. Emmanuel would be remember for his famous goal celebration against his old club gunners at the Manchester city stadium where he had to run the entire stretch of the stadium to celebrate in front of the gunners supporters in a rather mocking celebration.


The Togolese was sanctioned by the English FA for such act and the player later apologised to the club saying his actions were unnecessary. Adebayor formed a deadly trident with wright-philips and Graig Bellamy and they took the Man city project to the next height.

In the coaching aspect, Man city began their journey to domination of the English football with Mark Hughes, an English team who had rather a poor outing at the club despite an array of talent at his disposal. Hughes proved to be incompetent for the man city projects with results far from the amount of money that was invested in the project. But the man shouldn’t be blamed that much because the premiership had other big teams who were on a similar mission to take dominance.

Their neighbour, Manchester United had sire Alex Ferguson who is undoubtedly the most successful coach in the history of the premier league and he has funds to acquire the best players too. Another top team was the London outfit Chelsea who was equally owned by a billionaire from Russia, Roman Ibrahimovic. This made the building project a tall order for Mark Hughes and after strings of unfavourable results largely consisting of games that ended in stalemates, the former Blackburn Rovers coach was shown the exit door and an Italian, Roberto Mancini was drafted from Inter Milan to spare head the man city project.

The Italian had been a successful coal in Italy with Inter winning the Seria A title in his last two seasons but champions league glory continues to elude the team making them seek for a better coach and they got exactly that with the signing of Mourinho who had been relieved of his duty at Chelsea after some unconvincing results at the beginning of his fourth season with the London based team.

Mancini came in with lots of energy and vigour and quickly stamped his foot on Man City project. He drafted so high profile players with the likes of compatriot, Balotelli, Edin Dzeko, Carlos Tevez, Kun Aguero and other signings like David silver and Vincent Kompany and the project took a fresh turn breathing a new lease of life.

Mancini would be remembered in Manchester City for being the first coach to win the EPL for the English giant outfit. He came in with the Italian style of football, bullying opponents on his way to first EPL glory for Man City. Although many pundits questioned his pattern of play saying his brand of football was not a spectacle to watch. But for Mancini, just like Mourinho, result is all that matters.

No one could forget the dramatic event that landed the team their first EPL glory. The season Man city lifted their first premier league title pass for the most dramatic and eventful season of the English Premier league. The season had the two teams from Manchester gunning for the coveted prize with the teams trading positions between 1st and 2nd for most of the season. But after the 25th week of play, Manchester United became highly dominant and maintained the 1st position for several weeks heading into the final period of the season.

As the season approached it end, Manchester United began to suffer injury to their star players and the points began to drop, they initially had a seven-point cushion between them and the neighbours and as the season progressed the points advantage wore down.

The dramatic change of event began after they suffered a shocking defeat at the Goodison park under David Moyes.


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