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www.westernscholarschip.com is a non-profit website established with the sole purpose of advertising scholarship opportunities to students all over the world.

Governments, Co-operate organizations, Institutions, Religious bodies, Individuals etc., on a yearly basis offer a variety of Scholarship opportunities ranging from; Fully funded Scholarship packages(viz-a-viz Tuition fees, Accommodation money and feeding allowance) to partially funded Scholarships (which may include a certain percentage of Tuition fee)

Too, there are millions of students who wish to pursue various academic professions in world-leading institutions but are handicapped by logistics such as Tuition fee, Airfare, Accommodation money and feeding allowance.

www.westernscholarschip.com was established to link the aforementioned students to various scholarship opportunities for a fulfilling academic pursuit. Our joy and satisfaction are in the testimonies of the lucky students who won a scholarship through our site.

Thank you for learning about us.

We wish you luck in your quest for a scholarship!